Our missions & goals

To provide secure, transparent financial products that conform to industry best practices.

To provide the unbanked public with access to financial services.

To deliver more product options to depositors and investors.

To help our microfinance enterprise clients build trust with the community.

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Sugih Bersama is built on 4 core pillars. We believe that a successful microfinance or pawn shop business needs all the 4 pillars working in unison to have a profitable and sustainable business.

Operations & Training

We provide structured class-based, hands-on trainings to our partner's management and staffs and offer onsite advisory services.

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

We offer advisory to our partners on governance, risk management and compliance in accordance to the Shariah financial framework.

Cloud-based Systems

Our dynamic, highly customisable cloud based system provide our partners with many product choices and ability to tailor to the needs of their business operations.

Sales & Marketing

We offer services in online, offline marketing initiatives to increase our partners’ online and on premise traffic.


  • Ease of Deposits
  • Higher Return
  • More product options
  • Greater information transparency
  • Minimize travel requirements


  • Lower cost of funds
  • Ease of use
  • Inbuilt banking best practises
  • Low upfront IT investment
  • Better document management
  • Better risk management
  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • Compliance to regulatory requirements


  • Ease of access to funds
  • Minimal paper work requirement
  • Opportunity to build up financial profile (ie: credit history)


  • Timely and accurate reporting from MF
  • Timely update of Blacklist
  • Centralised data for ease of analysis
  • Compliance to international Banking standars (both Shariah and conventional banking)

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